Residential Therapeutic Community

In direct response to the growing need to provide housing for individuals who are homeless when they are entering into recovery, MWFHE created a Residential Program. We opened our first Recovery House for men on October 1, 2008 in Philadelphia. By 2013 we had four (4) residential recovery houses and two (2) transitional recovery houses.

Beginning in 2014, Men and Women for Human Excellence’s Inc. (MWFHE) implemented major changes to our residential program. We changed our approach from operating six (6) residential recovery houses, to providing a residential setting that functions as a “therapeutic community”. It is a therapeutic community model driven by recovery and resilience oriented treatment. MWFHE Residential Therapeutic Community is an intensive and comprehensive treatment model developed for use with adults with substance abuse and/or mental health challenges. It is a substance-free living environment in which alcohol and substance users can holistically rebuild their lives by using the person-first, strength-based approach, and the incorporation of the principles of Narcotics Anonymous. The therapeutic community cultivates a social environment where peers and staff are role models for recovery. MWFHE considers substance abuse symptomatic of much broader problems and, we believe that in a therapeutic residential setting, individuals have a greater opportunity to address these broader problems by using a holistic recovery approach that impacts every aspect of their life.