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MWFHE provides services to individuals and families who have a history of chemical abuse/ dependence and/or mental health challenges. All individuals that we encounter through walk-ins, outreach, or referral who are age eighteen (18) years or older, regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual preference, or national origin, we screen and assess for admission into our program. MWFHE operates on the premise that all persons seeking recovery are resilient and have special attributes that they can utilize in the recovery process. Our target population has varied backgrounds and past experiences, and possesses an array of strengths that must be accessed in order to promote their recovery, empowerment, and a chance at achieving their hopes, dreams and aspirations.

The administration and staff at MWFHE are strongly committed to the holistic person-first, strength-based process of recovery. We look forward to providing the level of care and services that help people in recovery to function as productive and responsible members of society. 

At intake, we take the first step in identifying and managing substance abuse and/or mental health challenges through the screening and assessment process. The screening process requires individuals to complete several questionnaires that are used to assess their current status. The assessment process uses among other things motivational interviewing techniques to determine strengths and challenges a person has, and to assist in the accuracy of assessment findings. The screening and assessment processes allow clinicians to determine the level of drug and alcohol care an individual may need as well determining mental health diagnosis, if any.

Drug & Alcohol Recovery Services

In April 2005, MWFHE was granted a Full License from the Pennsylvania Department of Health to operate a drug and alcohol intensive outpatient (IOP) and outpatient (OP) treatment facility. Intensive Outpatient (IOP) services are the highest level of therapeutic care. IOP services include a one-hour individual therapy session, and three 3-hour group sessions per week. The less intense OP services include a one-hour individual therapy session and two 2-hour group sessions per week.

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Mental Health Program

In the course of delivering drug and alcohol recovery services, MWFHE realized and understood that for some individuals their drug and alcohol use may have been related or linked to a mental health challenge. The need for mental health services became apparent, and In September of 2006, Men and Women for Human Excellence, Inc. were licensed to provide Mental Health Recovery services. 

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Residential Therapeutic Community Program

Beginning in 2014, Men and Women for Human Excellence’s Inc. (MWFHE) implemented major changes to our residential program. We changed our approach from operating six (6) residential recovery houses, to providing a residential setting that functions as a “therapeutic community”. Our Residential Program now operates out of one large facility that houses up to eighty-eight (88) individuals who are assisting each other to recover as a “Therapeutic Community”.

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Decatur, Georgia Program

On January 5, 2015 MWFHE became licensed to provide Drug Abuse Treatment and Educational Services for adults 18 and over in the state of Georgia.

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The Philadelphia LandCare Program

The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s (PHS) Philadelphia LandCare Program is a nationally recognized model of landscape treatment and urban revitalization that addresses the widespread challenge of land vacancy plaguing the city’s neighborhoods. 

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Free Transportation and Free Lunch Services

Men and Women for Human Excellence, Inc. (MWFHE) provide free transportation to and from our facilities for new perspective program participants. We provide free transportation to program participants to essential service providers and appointments.

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