Mental Health Services

In the course of delivering drug and alcohol recovery services, MWFHE realized and understood that for some individuals their drug and alcohol use may have been related or linked to a mental health challenge. The need for mental health services became apparent, and In September of 2006, Men and Women for Human Excellence, Inc. were licensed to provide Mental Health Recovery services.

During the initial screening and assessment processes for drug and alcohol services, some individuals may also show an indication of meeting criteria that point towards a mental health diagnosis. This diagnosed condition is sometimes referred to as a person having a dual-diagnosis, or co-occurring disorders. When this condition is made known through the assessment process, MWFHE mental health professionals help to assist persons in recovery (PIRs) in their development of a plan to also begin the recovery process for challenges related to their mental health condition.

MWFHE provides integrated and continuous mental health services. As it is with the drug and alcohol recovery planning, the goals and objectives of the mental health recovery plan are developed to promote an individualized holistic recovery process that is intent on reducing and managing mental health symptoms. The mental health recovery service plan is seamlessly incorporated into the individual’s drug and alcohol recovery service plan, so much so that both plans are assimilated together and are seen as one overall recovery service plan for that individual.

In providing these services, MWFHE employs a “concurrent model of care” plan. It is a model that exemplifies an understanding that drug and alcohol abuse symptoms and symptoms of mental health disorder occur concurrently. Close attention is paid to the impact the symptoms of drug and alcohol addiction may have on an individual’s mental health challenges which, enables treatment interventions for both conditions to be applied in tandem.

MWFHE holistic approach to address a person’s psychiatric needs emphasizes self-management of symptoms to help them return to normal daily functioning. When necessary, the appropriate medications to manage their symptoms are prescribed by our psychiatrist.