Drugs & Alcohol Recovery Services

Intensive Outpatient (IOP) & Outpatient (OP) Services

We provide two levels of care through our Drug and Alcohol Recovery Program: Intensive Outpatient Services; and Outpatient Services.

Intensive Outpatient (IOP) services

IOP are the highest level of therapeutic care. It is for those who suffer from the most severe symptoms of drug abuse and addiction. IOP services include an one-hour individual therapy session, and three, 3-hour group sessions per week.

Outpatient (OP) Services

For those who are diagnosed with less severe levels of drug addiction and abuse, the therapeutically less intense Outpatient (OP) services are provided. The less intense OP services include an one-hour individual therapy session and two, 2-hour group sessions per week.

In the individual therapy session, the therapist works with the individual to develop a personalized recovery plan that reflects the person’s goals, preferences, culture and strengths. If MWFHE cannot provide the specialized services that a (person in recovery) PIR requires, the person is referred to a facility that may be better suited for their individual needs.